Important Message

Shopify has shut down your stores and RageOn's ability to serve you. Shopify failed to abide by its own contract and terminated your stores and the website.

We know that many of you rely on RageOn for income and for our great print on demand services - so this is infuriating to us!

We are fighting back for you, filing an injunction and the site should be back up within a week.

RageOn was created to help you!

Our mission is to empower the creators of the world, more specifically to help entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, musicians, models, and businesses make more money with ecommerce.

Shopify used to support the little guys like you and now Shopify has become a big tech machine. They are showing you no empathy or willingness to help. Shopify's message is clear: we don't care about the little guys anymore.

Shopify is no longer David, Shopify is Goliath!

We must fight back, just as David has fought back and beat the giant Goliath!

I'm so sorry that this happened to you and my team is working around the clock to help all of you.

Let's team up and get you your stores back!
Contact Shopify and tell them how you think this is unfair!
President: , Twitter, IG
CEO & Founder: , Twitter

More Shopify contact info here

Harley Finklestein, President of Shopify, is constantly in the Press and Instagram saying how he empowers entrepreneurs, well, he just shut down nearly 1m users of RageOn with no notice!

Here is a list of the executives of Shopify, some of which have made the decision to terminate RageOn's ability to supply you with your store and print on demand experience.

Join our Facebook community and share ideas of how we can help each other fight back against shopify!

You need to be heard by Shopify! We will post on social media in which you can repost and Share in the near future.

#powertothepeople #savethelittleguy #fightback!